Cadillock innovative technologies Cadillock innovative technologies
dual protection from car theft: car alarm device with integrated cadillock immobiliser system

dual protection from car theft: car alarm device with integrated cadillock immobiliser system

  • Battery monitor

    • acoustic warning signal in case of under-voltage
    • acoustic warning signal in case of over-voltage
    • functional check of the generator

  • Battery tester

    • exact test of the battery performance by calculating the discharge curve through the charging voltage
    • 4 different display signals show the battery status
    • at the end of the service life, notification that the battery can no longer be charged

  • Voltmeter

    • digital and analogue

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Short description

High-tech battery monitor via app

Cadillock Smart is the only battery monitor on the market with an app that seamlessly monitors all components of a vehicle’s power supply.

A sophisticated algorithm determines the battery status with the globally patented technology. The user also receives information about a potential malfunction of the generator or voltage regulator – you can find more details under “technology”.

Uncomplicated data transmission via Bluetooth from the Cadillock Smart on the battery to your smartphone app. The data is updated virtually in real time (every 2 seconds).

Protection against battery breakdowns via Cadillock app

Extensive information about the power supply and acoustic warning signal (ringing, vibrating alarm) in case of a battery malfunction (over-/under-voltage). The generator’s functional check provides timely information about a possible cause of failure. And when the service life of the battery has ended, the user is notified of this during the battery check. The risk of breakdowns is significantly reduced by the Cadillock Smart; the mobility remains.

Important information before workshop visits

In case there is a defect in the vehicle’s power supply, the user receives precise information about the cause of failure – in time before a breakdown, thus also protecting the driver against unnecessary repairs in untrustworthy workshops.


  • Easy installation of the small component directly on the car battery with no technical skills required.
  • The app can monitor up to five batteries.
  • You need a Cadillock Smart for each battery – this also applies if two batteries are connected in parallel.
  • Suitable for 6-, 12- and 24-volt vehicles (petrol and diesel engines), campers, motorcycles, motorboats, lorries and buses.
  • Easy-to-understand app for Android smartphones (from Android 4.3) and iPhone (from iOS 7) with Bluetooth function.
  • The so-called background mode enables the use of the app and another simultaneous Bluetooth connection, e.g. the vehicle’s hands-free conversation feature.

  • Cost savings for users – since batteries are only replaced when necessary.

Product images

Cadillock AlarmCadillock Alarm - Package contents


The Cadillock Alarm can be installed in just four steps and is particularly easy and cost-effective. You will need the enclosed Allen key, a screwdriver, a spanner and a few minutes of spare time.

The Cadillock Alarm is installed on or near to the car battery in 4 easy assembly steps.

  1. Positive cable of the vehicle to the pole of the Cadillock Alarm.
  2. Cable of the Cadillock Alarm to the positive pole of the car battery with the safety screw.
  3. Ground cable of the Cadillock Alarm to the negative pole of the car battery.
  4. Alarm siren

The Cadillock Alarm can be installed in all 12-volt vehicles in which the positive pole and negative pole of the car battery are accessible.

Technical data

Function Block Diagram

Cadillock Alarm Function Block Diagram


- SGS-certified, fireproof fibre-glass/nylon material by DUPONT
- Water- and dust-resistant according to IP65 (International Protection Ratings)
- Dimensions: L: 139 mm x W: 110 mm x H: 30 mm

Battery connection

- Copper with gold coating
- Thickness of the gold coating 0.04 μm
- Special coating to prevent oxidation
- Tensile strength: 100 kg /cm

Battery holder

- Copper with gold coating
Thickness of the gold coating 0.04 μm
- Special coating to prevent oxidation 

Red cable

4 AWG; max. temperature 105 °C

Cover of the battery connection

2 mm PC (polycarbonate), fireproof (UL-compliant material) 

Operational voltage

12 V nominal voltage

Operational temperature

The resistance of the internal components is designed for – 40 °C to +85 °C.

Nominal power

80 ~100 A (relay with a maximum instant power rating up to 1000 A)

Power surge relay

- Max. switched power: 20,000 VA (DC)
- Contact resistance: ≤ 2mΩ
- Operating lifespan: 1 million times

Power consumption (power demand)

9 mA (in an activated and deactivated condition)

Alarm siren

110 dB, 15 W

Remote control

- 2 remote controls (4 user buttons each)
- 2 channels, SAW, alternating code system (more than 2 million codes) 
- Lock button: anti-theft device “ON” (activation of the car alarm and disruption of the battery power supply)
- Unlock button: anti-theft device “OFF” (deactivation of the car alarm and restoration of the battery
  power supply)
- Button for mute setting mode
- Button for panic alarm / vehicle finder function
- Range: up to 30 metres (without obstructions)


CE, E24, FCC, RoHS


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