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Never need help starting again: The first battery early warning system helps prevent your battery from letting you down.

Never need help starting again: The first battery early warning system helps prevent your battery from letting you down.

The battwatch monitors:

  • Battery
  • Generator
  • Regulator
  • Fan belt
  • Connections
  • Wiring
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Product description

The Battwatch is an innovative monitoring system for the entire electrical energy supply of your car. In contrast to traditional voltmeters, the Battwatch informs the driver at an early stage – before there is a breakdown – about faults in the energy supply. Faults such as a low battery, problems with the generator, fan belt or a defective voltage regulator system can easily be recognised in advance thus preventing battery related breakdowns. The Battwatch informs the driver about a technical fault through different light displays and, in critical cases, with an additional warning tone. At the same time the Battwatch provides detailed practical information about the source of the fault, reducing time consuming and expensive diagnosis of the problem.

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The monitoring of the car’s energy system is not just performed through the applied voltage, as in traditional cases, but also through an innovative technology with a worldwide patent – the “determination of the discharge curve”, which provides a display of the actual condition of the battery.

Therefore the Battwatch can also determine, for example, whether the individual battery cells are functional or not. With a so-called virtual voltage diagram, where a traditional voltage meter would continue to display the voltage level as “normal”, the Battwatch can also recognize whether battery cells are already oxidized. Because in such an event this battery would no longer be strong enough to start the vehicle.

Product characteristics

  • Suitable for all 12 Volt vehicles, for petrol or diesel engines 
  • Very latest technology, which monitors the complete vehicle energy system (alternator, fan belt, battery, connections, wiring) in the car
  • Audible alarm and clear optical signals through four different coloured LEDs; the battery charge status and the fault-free function or malfunction of the alternator, the governor, the connections and the wiring are displayed
  • Large and bright LED display

    • Voltage display
    • Temperature display for the passenger compartment

  • Dimensions: L 95 mm x W 60 mm x H 18 mm


The installation of the Battwatch is extremely simple: it is connected directly to the cigarette lighter of the vehicle. A fixed installation at or on the dashboard is also possible. A connection to the junction box is not necessary.

Package contents

  • Battwatch with connection plug for the cigarette lighter
  • Holder 
  • Attachment material 
  • User Manual



Technical data


European CE/FCC certificate and approval mark for the compliance with the hazardous materials regulations (RoHS)

LED display for voltage indicator

The Battwatch indicates the voltage between 8.0 volts and 18.5 volts on the display. If the voltage drops below 8.0 volts there is no voltage indication. If the voltage is above 18.5 volts, only 18.5 volts will be indicated,
The Battwatch calculates the voltage to two decimal points, but only one decimal point will be displayed.

LED display for temperature indicator

Display of the temperature from -9.9 °C – +60.0 °C
below -10 °C –  “Lo“ is displayed
over 60 °C – “Hi“ is displayed
Temperatures below 0.0 °C with minus symbol
Temperature displays in Centigrade with one decimal point
Temperature displays in Fahrenheit in whole numbers


- Molded thermoplastic ABS+PC-V0 casing, recyclable material
- Vibration proof and fire resistant
- Dimensions: L 95 mm x W 60 mm x H 18 mm


- 48.0 g
- Cable and plug: 42.6 g
- Holder: 11.8 g

Colour of casing

Standard colour: matte black

Operational voltage

12 V nominal

Power demand

0.1 A (100 mA)

Power use

79 mA

Operating temperature

-20 °C ~ +70 °C

Tricoloured LED­ status display of the vehicle's energy system


Alarm signal

Installed acoustic alarm signal


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