Cadillock innovative technologies Cadillock innovative technologies


Never again need help starting a car: Protection against battery failure via app - high-tech battery monitor. Monitoring of the battery status, the generator and regulator.

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Classic car safety

Classic car safety

Twice the safety for vintage cars and new ones: Battery monitor and anti-theft device. The status of the car battery essentially corresponds to the condition of a removed battery.

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Car <br>Safety


Here you can find products for cars that offer anti-theft protection and prevent breakdowns due to low battery charges (when you can no longer start the engine).

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Motorcycle safety

Motorcycle safety

The products for motorcycles offer protection against theft and against a complete battery discharge. The status of the car battery essentially corresponds to the condition of a removed battery.

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Cadillock Stripes

Cadillock Stripes

Cadillock Stripes is an innovative product that can be used to attach a smartphone to the car’s instrument panel to save space. There are also many other possible uses at the office and at home.

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New! Cadillock Smart

Protection against battery breakdowns via app

Monitoring of the starter battery via Bluetooth

The high-tech battery monitor / battery tester from Cadillock uses state-of-the-art technology to seamlessly monitor all of your vehicle’s power supply components with a smartphone app and offers optimal protection against battery breakdowns. The risk of breakdowns is significantly reduced by the Cadillock Smart; the mobility remains.

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Cadillock Alarm+

Twice the security against car theft: Car alarm system with integrated immobilizer

The high-performance alarm system monitors the interior, doors, bonnet and boot. The immobilizer also prevents the engine from being started. Both protective systems are activated or deactivated simultaneously by pushing a button on the remote control. This way car thieves have no chance, even if they have stolen the car key.



  • Two devices in one: car alarm system and immobilizer
  • Monitoring of the doors, bonnet and boot
  • Shock sensor (individually adjustable)
  • Voltage sensor (individually adjustable)
  • Panic alarm
  • Pre-warning
  • Mute setting mode
  • Just 4 very easy installation steps 
(no interference with the car’s electrical system)
  • Power consumption is only 9 mA while activated 
(due to nanoWatt technology)

Registration for the Cadillock Alarm+

Registration for the Cadillock Alarm+

Only for customers of the Cadillock Alarm+. You can register your device on this page. After the registration you will have the option of ordering replacement remote controls at any time. > Register Now

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