Cadillock innovative technologies Cadillock innovative technologies

An innovative company with attractive products

Cadillock Technologies is an electronics company that is located in Kehl near Strassburg, in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany. Our innovative product range focuses on the area of vehicle technology. All of our models in the vehicle area are patented technologies. The products have been sold in Germany with great success since 2006 and are distinguished by their high reliability and longevity.

In addition to products in the vehicle area, we are offering Cadillock Stripes, an extremely practical accessory to mount a smartphone, e.g. in a car, on a motorcycle or on a bicycle. With its many other possible applications, this product is a practical and inexpensive accessory for daily use.

Automotive and motorcycle technology

By far the most breakdowns in Germany occur from discharged batteries, and to prevent this we have been offering a highly effective, inexpensive and easy-to-install solution since July 2015: the models Cadillock 3000 and Cadillock 4000. The 4000 model has the battery monitor of the 3000 model as well as additional anti-theft protection via an electronic immobilizer.

Both designs are also available in motorcycle versions.

The Cadillock Classic is intended specifically for the needs of those who drive classic and retro cars and has a battery monitor along with an anti-theft device. When the anti-theft device is activated, the entire power supply is shut down. The status of the car battery basically resembles that of a removed car battery, i.e. not even the smallest amount of electricity will be supplied.

Cadillock Stripes

Cadillock Stripes are two magnetic strips with a size of 1.3 cm x 6 cm. To simplify the now customary use of smartphones for mobile navigation in vehicles without Bluetooth, this product offers a highly comfortable and space-saving means to attach the phones in the driver’s direct viewing area. The product is offered in numerous attractive designs. Nearly all special design wishes can be fulfilled upon request. This means that the useful and convenient Cadillock Stripes are also ideal as gifts or promotional items for companies and associations.